MANIFESTAÇÃO DE BELGRADO: Leitura a não perder

Recomendo vivamente a leitura deste post do blog Agnedote, escrito por um jovem sérvio a viver em Belgrado:Dejá Vecu (excertos):

Some 17 years ago, big March demonstrations took place in Belgrade. It was led by political opposition of the time, which was very nationalist and unruly. I was young back then, but I still distinctly feel the hate and blood thirst that was in the air. The “three finger salute” that you can see Serbs showing nowadays was invented then.
Today, it happened all over again. Politicians, artists, professors, students were shouting nationalist slogans in the middle of Belgrade. They were completely disregarding human life. They once again showed how territory can be more important than people. They showed how a nation state can be worshiped at the expense of happiness. Then they took it to the streets.
I was hoping that I will never again feel the way I felt as a kid in 1991. Worst of all, it was not the same people like two decades ago. It was young people.

Many people were injured in Belgrade today, and one person died. But that feels like nothing compared to knowing that lunatics are once again politicians and that people are capable of such hatred, again.



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