CAFÉ TURCO: Now in english version!

There is a portuguese popular expression that says “A língua portuguesa é muito traiçoeira” (the portuguese language is very treacherous). There is also a song by the portuguese group Clã, that, refering to the fact that it is so hard for us portuguese to declare our feelings, “devia ser como no cinema, a língua inglesa fica sempre bem e nunca atraiçoa ninguém” (it should be like the movies, the english language always sounds good and it never betrays anyone).

And there is the famous quote of a text by Fernando Pessoa, ” A minha pátria é a língua portuguesa” (my homeland is the portuguese language). So, as I decided to mentally emigrate and stop writing blogs in portuguese and switch to the English language, I could not avoid the strange feeling that I was abandoning my homeland, denying myself the possibility of expressing my impressions in a language that may not be well suited to make declarations of love (I didn’t intend to make them anyway) but is the perfect language to express irony, doubts, conjectures, and all other ideas that lack precision.

On the other hand, by writing in English, I will have the opportunity to share my impressions with lots of people that I couldn’t reach otherwise. OK, some modesty is needed here: why would lots of people be interested in my impressions? So I will rephrase it: by writing in English, I will be able to share my impressions with those friends of mine who hadn’t yet had the supreme joy of mastering the portuguese language, and, who knows, maybe some of those 149 people who appeared in the previous portuguese version will find some interest in this new international version of Café Turco.

When I first created Café Turco, my main intention was to express some of my impressions about the Balkans, a region that is perceived in Portugal as a distant land that has no interest whatsoever except when there is blood flowing there. Now that I will write in English, it is my intention to enhance the scope of this blog and write also about my own country, Europe and global issues.

From time to time, cooking lessons will be held uncovering the mysteries of some of the most delicious food that mankind has ever produced…



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5 responses to “CAFÉ TURCO: Now in english version!

  1. I totally greet your move! For what’s it worth, English is the lingua franca and it’s not that bad to embrace it 🙂

  2. AM

    My dear friend

    I can clearly understand and agree with the reasons that made you decide to emigrate to “English mind”.

    I’ll visit this land as often as I can, even if more as a reader then as a commentator (does this word exists?).

    As I am afraid that my English may sound very “berardo” ;-), I will refrain my self in arguing to much.

    I’m so happy to “see” you again.

    A kiss is a kiss 🙂


  3. sarahfranco

    Dear AM:

    please fell free to comment in any language you want. Your comments are always welcomed!

  4. your English is very expressive and you should have no qualms about writing in it

    it is a pleasure to read your blog 🙂