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Dual Use: the pleasure of subversion.

I was supposed to be working now, and that’s what I will do in some minutes, but there is this subversive feeling that I have that compels me to something other than what I am supposed to. This extreme pleasure is perfectly defined by the poem LYBERTY, by Fernando Pessoa (if you don’t click and read it, you will never know what am I talking about-here you can listen to the poem in Portuguese recited by João Villaret).

So, instead of working hard to comply with the thigh deadline that I have imposed myself (I am my own tyrant), I found myself surfing in the internet without course, just letting myself go.

This is how I found this video on Boing Boing.

This Band, The Get Out Clause, used the surveillance cameras spread all over Manchester, UK, to shoot their VideoClip.

Unable to afford a proper camera crew and equipment, The Get Out Clause, an unsigned band from the city, decided to make use of the cameras seen all over British streets.

With an estimated 13 million CCTV cameras in Britain, suitable locations were not hard to come by.

They set up their equipment, drum kit and all, in eighty locations around Manchester – including on a bus – and proceeded to play to the cameras.

Afterwards they wrote to the companies or organisations involved and asked for the footage under the Freedom of Information Act.

“We wanted to produce something that looked good and that wasn’t too expensive to do,” guitarist Tony Churnside told Sky News.

“We hit upon the idea of going into Manchester and setting up in front of cameras we knew would be filming and then requesting that footage under the Freedom Of Information act.”

The whole news here on Telegraph.co.uk.

Those few of my few readers who happen to know me know how much I hate surveillance cameras, how much they upset me, how much I their presence always reminds me of Tienanmen Square. This makes me look like a paranoid person, so I have simply given up on complaining about their presence.

I feel as if I was myself part of the band (back to my self-imposed slavery now!).

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