I am so HAPPPPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the news on B92.

Here in BBC.

Serbia seems to be finally chosing the future over the past! From Lisbon, I want to greet my serbian friends!

I have just returned from Belgrade, and there was indeed hope in the air. Something was changing. It’s easy to say so now, of course, but those who know me personally know that was my feeling. But as I was leaving, Jelena and I were talking about the possibility that Mladic could soon be arrested, but none of us thought that Karadzic would ever be arrested. It is an irony that it took SPS to get to power for this to happen, but it makes sense. They are cynicals, not true believers, and they will over-run any obstacle to their goals. Now Mladic and Karadic were the obstacles… Too bad for them.

I called my friends on the phone and we cryed of joy together! I am getting sentimental, what can I do?

It’s amazing how things work when there is political will to do so.

At this very moment I am on the phone with one of my friend from Belgrade. She is watching the news on TV and I am waiting for the latest developments. My friends are receiving SMS messages from all around, people are incredibly happy, and now I need to go to sleep because tomorrow there is plenty of work wayting for me, but how can one sleep with such excitement?

My thoughs now go to the little girl that photographed in Srebrenica. Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, I will print her photos and send them to her family’s address.

Good night Radovan, sweet dreams and srećni put to Holland!


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8 responses to “KARADZIC ARRESTED!

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  2. Abraracourcix

    I think it’s highly significant that he was arrested soon after SPS returned to the government. I’ve read in BBC that the change of the leader of Serbian secret services was of particular importance, as it withdrew political coverage for all those who knew where Karadzic was hiding or were even helping him.
    Do you think the people in SPS are the same as before, that they’re as cynical as ever? Or maybe there’s a generational leap, they’ve done their “aggiornamento” and are starting to behave like a “normal” political party?
    Thanks for the interesting blog, even in English it’s so nice to continue to read your posts!

  3. sarahfranco

    antónio, creio que de fact se trata apenas de puro cinismo, mas que se lixe, o que me importa é que o homem está engaiolado!!!

    i don’t believe in any kind of aggiornamento on the part of SPS, but they are a lesser evil in this context.

    thanks for your visit! It’s good to see old friends coming, because it was a rather dificult decision to stop writing in portuguese.

  4. As far as I’m concerned, wether you write in English or Portuguese – or a mix of both – it’s always a pleasure to read your interesting posts!
    I understand your dilemma, but given the subjects you write about I think it’s a good idea to have chosen English. I assume all your Portuguese readers (at least your most regular fans) know English well, so no loss there 🙂

  5. max

    No loss at all 🙂

  6. Sebaneau

    I hope the Bosnian Institute or Radio Free Europe will translate this :

    Karadžić i Mladić – The pawns of secret services
    Omer Karabeg, Radio Free Europe, 26 July 2008

    In the latest “Most” program, our interlocutors Nataša Kandić and Mirsad Tokača –who deal with collecting documents on war crimes in the former Yugoslav region– assert that Serbia’s secret services have protected Radovan Karadžića and Ratko Mladić from the beginning of their flight.

    Nataša Kandić is the Director of the Fond for Humanitarian Rights in Belgrade, and Mirsad Tokača is the Director of the Research and Documentation Center in Sarajevo.

    This conversation deals with the way the myth about Karadžić as a national hero was destroyed overnight, who spread the rumor about his being untouchable, how the secret service manipulated him, who was his main protector and to what extent his arrest can bring reconciliation to the region.

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