War in Georgia: journalists under attack

Although I had no intention to post anything on my blog before the end of the month, the images I just saw on TV on my lunch break while I was washing the dishes reminded me of this photo that I took in Sarajevo last year.

Here on GLOBAL VOICES you can know more on the attacks on journalists in Georgia by russian forces. There is a comment to this entry that is worth mentioning:

Someone signing Sherry says:

“””I’m sorry but these journalists do NOT need to be there! It’s a war zone, what do they think would happen…duuuhhhh!”””

The problem is, if nobody was willing to take the risk to go there, can we possibly ever come close to the true? Is not that the reason why russian forces are targeting journalists? How much cynical can one be?

I am sorry that for the sake of self-discipline I cannot allow myself to go much further on the questions regarding the war in Georgia, there are promises to keep (to myself) and deadlines to meet… (not that my opinion would have any importance).

So, to those readers who may eventually come here, I would like to recommend:

In Portuguese:

Brutalidade hipócrita e hipocrisia brutal, by Max Spencer-Dohner on Devaneios Desintéricos, my favorite portuguese blog (you will find there a comment of mine).

In English:

Czechoslovakia 1938-Georgia 2008? by Marko Hoare on Greater Surbiton.

I share with both bloggers the essential arguments that they present, especially in what comes to the lack of commitment on the part of Europe to defend its values and its readiness to make compromises, an attitude cannot but that remind us of how easy it is to indulge in ‘appeasement’ .


Journalists killed in the conflict:

Gia Chikhladze, 30, and Alexander Klimchuk, 27, 8 August 2008,

Stan Storimans, 39, 12 August 2008.


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2 responses to “War in Georgia: journalists under attack

  1. Sometimes I get the impression people think that news come to them by magic, without realizing how important it is for journalists to be on the ground to fight the “media wars”.

    Cool photo, by the way (and you should correct the Georgia tag, it has a typo)

  2. sarahfranco

    Thanks for the warning on the tag. I am clumsy!

    thanks for the compliment on the photo. I am looking for a sponsor to produce a photo book on former Yugoslavia (not easy).

    The best example of the importance of the presence of journalists is the case of East-Timor. In 1975 an entire TV crew was killed by the indonesians to silence them, but some of the images were recovered to serve as evidence.

    then, much latter, in 1991, it was the fact that the massacre of Santa Cruz was filmed by journalists and then shown to the world that brought public attention to the issue of the murderous occupation of East Timor.

    then, in 1999 when, after the referendum, when militias were destroying everything, the fact that a few journalists stayed behind was very important to save the lives of the people that had taken shelter in the UN compound, including the timorese who were working for the UN.