My work is being boycotted!

By my own cat!

Do not delude yourselves. Behind this cute look hides an evil tyrant.

In fact, he is not my cat, I am the one who is his person (poor me)…

(ok, enough complaining, back to work now).



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10 responses to “My work is being boycotted!

  1. Your cat reminded me of this one, he he.

  2. sarahfranco

    oh my god, this is the grey cat-mafia!!!

  3. sabine77

    Good look at your work! You have a beautiful cat.

  4. sarahfranco

    no, he is the one who has me 🙂

  5. I’m also a cat’s lover, yours is so cute. Cheers.

  6. My cat pretty much supervises everything I write.

  7. If your lovely cat is disturbing your work in such an extent, I suggest you to cook him as a rabit… with some nice vegetables and rice…
    I also have a few of the same species on stock just in case there are future food shortages…
    The grey ones are the more difficult. KIKAS, my grey cat is particularly good at blocking my laptop, erasing original texts from my books, etc…

  8. sarahfranco

    “””I also have a few of the same species on stock just in case there are future food shortages…”””

    sure, you are a prudent person, and generous too, that’s why you are always supplying your friends and family with rabbits like mine 😉

    but since you mention this, here is a video

    that I recommend you.

    (if you are in a good mood today, save it for later, I really don’t want to take that from you)

    by the way, could you update the link to this post that you have on your blog?

    it still links to the old address…

  9. haha… she is so cute.
    Cat and a ‘mouse,’ and a MacBook!

  10. Haha love the look in his eyes.