Russians against russian imperialism: a protest against the war in Georgia.

From Russia, I have received an email with these photos of a protest against the Russian aggression on Georgia. It was organized a few days after the beginning of the war .

I am publishing them today, with an excerpt of the email:

“I think that if we (I mean we in Russia and you in Europe) had stopped  the war in Chechnya and punished the war criminal there wouldn’t have been this war.”

Their slogans were:

“Don’t believe in the justice of war”

“War not in my name”

“Yesterday Chechnya, today Georgia, tomorrow…?”

I have always admired people who are not afraid of standing alone for what they think is right.

I believe that, in the end, Russian nationalism and Putin imperialistic ambitions are self-defeating, but still, until then, what much more damage can we expect?


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8 responses to “Russians against russian imperialism: a protest against the war in Georgia.

  1. I’d like not only few people in Russia but milions, everywhere, were saying “War, not in may name”. But, until then, these people standing alone
    against the war are a little light of hope. This kind of things that still let me trust in human condition, in spite of all that horrors we can see committed also by humans.

  2. Nationalism, hatred, ethnic intolerance, and similar stupidities are outdated. This is simply not apealing for the modern world. Here in Canada, everybody is different and most people have mixed backgrounds. It does not make any sense whatsoever to waste time pursuing pointless ideologies aimed at creating new ethnic states and other worthless ultra-nationalist projects. I can’t believe how certain groups, movements, and people can be so naive and have such a low level of intelligence as to actually absorb and accept the politics of direct hatred?

  3. Owen

    Good to see those brave people with their own hand-made posters. It can’t be easy for them.

  4. Yes, but don’t forget that those same people risk losing their lives every time they protest in Russia. Remember there have been several high profile journalists killed in Russia and those murders were “execution style.” We are lucky to live in a free world. Russia is out of touch with reality and I don’t see Russia as a part of modern civilized world any time soon.

  5. not only that, Daniel.

    it is common practice in Russia to forcefully ‘intern’ people in psychiatric institutions.

    attacks by extremist groups, such as ‘nashi’ and other neo-fascist and neo-nazi groups are also common.

    but even if this is not the case, these people face all kinds of obstacles in their attempts to engage in organized activities, and, in many cases, they are also subjected to harassment within their own families.

    being ‘different’ comes with a heavy price in Russia.

  6. How many of those people ended up in jail or worse? Why the hell aren’t we hearing anything about this from the EU??

  7. Look at the faces of these people in Russia. They are wonderful human beings. All they can do is protest. But even that is not safe in Russia.

  8. Sarah Franco

    pedro, because nobody cares.

    people prefer to cue at the door of palacio da ajuda to see a third quality exibition of Imperial Russia with pieces taken of the deposits of hermitage.

    people tend to be fascinated by power and even more by imperial power…

    Daniel, they know that are not going to change anything but still they protest. I find it a true act of courage.