A Neo-Nazi March is being planned to be held in Belgrade

Interestingly, the english version of B92 doesn’t show the news, only the serbian version does.

This is an important test for the current government. The Liberal Democratic Party, headed by Ceda Jovanovic, is asking the authorities to forbide it. Let’s see how this will be handled.

The current government is staring to face different kinds of preasures by the nationalist sectors, and it seems that these pressures are likely to increase. This march should be read within this dynamics.

This image was taken from a blog on B92. It says “Lets not give them our streets”.

More  here.

For a contextualization of the outcome of the May general elections, read ‘The failure of the intimidation strategy‘. In the upcoming weeks I will be able to better measure to wich point is the intimidation strategy still being enforced or, otherwise, defeated in Serbia.


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5 responses to “A Neo-Nazi March is being planned to be held in Belgrade

  1. They’re (the extreme right) on the rise all over europe… I think they’re likely to claim another victory in Austria.

  2. Owen

    Have you seen the shadowy presence in the poster at Dragan Grcic’s blog? – http://serbie-droitshumains.blogspot.com/2008/09/marche-serbe-marche-de-la-haine-le-11.html

  3. Jon

    Great this is just what Serbia needs like a hole in the head. After spending both World Wars fighting bravely against the enemy including the Nazis. These fools allow this to go ahead.

    Serbia does need to unite and strengthen but not in this way.

    I know a lot of dark skinned people who support and love everything Serbian. They will deeply hurt and saddened by this.

  4. Sarah Franco

    Owen, this march is to celebrate the anniversary of Himler. They organized one last year in Novi sad, on 7 Octobar. It was forbidden by the police and instead an anti-fascist march was organized. The anti-fascists were then attacked by neo-nazis and members of other extremist groups.

    jon, there are certain things serbian that is simply impossible to love. racism and nationalist is much more widespread than merely among extremists. you can listen to otherwise moderate people saying that the montegrins are sly, that the croats are inherintly fascist, that the albanians are sub-human…

    all of that feeds extremism, by sending a message that tolerance is not an important value in serbia.

  5. Sarah Franco

    Owen, thanks for the link, i’ll put it on my side bar