Daily protests againts Karadzic arrest in Belgrade.

Please, don’t missinterpret the image. Most of the people in Trg Republike (Republic Square) are passers-by…

Here the announcement of the great demonstrations… Obviously the Belgraders couldn’t care less!

(click on the photos to enlarge)

However, the activities of the supporters of radovan Karadzic don’t satisfy themselvas with orderly demonstrations. Thus, they have been visiting various organizations that publicly call for Serbia t face its past… these are not frieldly visits. Although no incidents have ocured, these are in fact acts of intimidation directed against their liberal oponents.

Yesterday, a group of about 70 went to the office of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia.


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8 responses to “Daily protests againts Karadzic arrest in Belgrade.

  1. Owen

    Rather nice calligraphy on the banner, but no apparent concern to voice any opinion regarding its subject. And there seems to have been a decision not to waste ink on the infill.

    What should we read into all this? Dr Dabic’s disciples are into performance art? This is a protest against virtual identity? Or is it a subtle riposte to the picture of Adem Jashari? Or is it just that these people have nothing meaningful to say?

  2. Sarah Franco

    that s all of this; owen…

    you are right; it looks like a performance

  3. Now I understand why Israel had every right to implement nuclear weapons. If they hadn’t, then Arabs would probably destroy them. If Bosnia collapses, then Bosniaks will be left with the territory approximately the size of Israel – or even less. The threat of Serbian ultra-nationalism, fascism, and hatred will remain a serious problem for Bosnia’s peace, stability, and security. You can call me harsh, but I don’t see any other way our people can survive without developing nuclear weapons in conjection with our allies? Do you see any other viable survival method if Bosnia collapses?

    Serbia will not change. It hasn’t changed its policies and mentality towards Bosniaks in the last 100 years. What makes you think Serbia will suddenly start respecting its neighbours?

    Even today, 13 years after the Srebrenica genocide, we still witness roughly 50% of Serbian population giving their vote of confidence to radical, ultra-nationalist, fascist parties that promote ideologies of hatred, intolerance and Srebrenica genocide denial.

    Not all Serbs are the same. There are good people among Serbs too, but they don’t have a voice in a closed minded Serbian society. Good people are pushed aside and bullied, or even killed.

    My Serbian friend (I won’t say his name) told me that local Serbs threatened to kill him because he wrote a poem remembering victims of Srebrenica genocide. Can you believe it? Unfortunately, he also made his cell phone publicly available so Srebrenica survivors could get in touch with him over the internet, and he received calls from Australia and Canada from Serbs who threatened to kill him. Since then, he never used his first and last name publicly on the internet. He is simply too scared, and I don’t blame him.

  4. Owen

    Dan, do you think Bosnia would ever have nuclear weapons without Serbia (and Croatia) wanting them as well? I’m not too keen on the prospect of another world war starting in the Balkans, this time with the added bonus of mushroom clouds.

  5. Sarah Franco

    Daniel, I understand your feelings, because I share them myself sometimes.

    but let’s not give into hopelessness.

    you are doing a wonderful job with your blog.

    other persons too are deeply committed to the truth and to justice.

    acknowledge will emerge. even serbia can change, if it gets to open up and stop being such a closed society.

    in his first comment, Owen perfectly described the meaning of this daily rally.

    I am sorry that your friend stopped using his name.

    I think there are moments when the rosa parks in each of us needs to emerge.

    but I don’t have the right to criticize him and I am not doing that. I take a plane and fly to Zagreb and from them take trains and buses and travel around, but after some weeks, I always take a plane back home to lively Lisbon…

    I didn’t have any links with the region of Former Yugoslavia before I started studying. I am an outsider, unless we consider humanity to be indivisible (and I do). being an outsider, although a very emotionally attached one, it’s not at all my right to lecture anyone on how the rosa parks in each of us should decide that she is not giving her seat to the white guy.

    but still I think it’s too early to call defeat. we’ll be stubborn and the serbian nationalists will not get away as easily as they did in the past.

    we’ll be more stubborn than they are.

  6. Barbara

    “I’m not too keen on the prospect of another world war starting in the Balkans, this time with the added bonus of mushroom clouds.”


  7. Sarah Franco

    barbara, I don’t see what’s there to laugh about.