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Catching up my blogging…

I haven’t been a good blogger lately, but today I decided to put some order in the blog, I tend to be a bit messy, because i’m always running against the clock, I don’t know why, I guess it’s because there are so  many things I always want to do, time is never enough, and I do get lazy sometimes.

So, for a start I decided to update my blogroll. Although it is polite to link blogs taht link ours, that’s not a criteria I apply, because it would be like buying favours. I’m grateful for all the links I get, but mostly what matters is the feeling of reward that I get when I see that people who don’t know me come here and read what I write, or look at my photos, and then think the blog is good enough to be recomended. I don’t write for myself, I do it because I like to share my impressions and my ideas with others. I like it and I need it.

Today I’m linking Modernity Blog , Martin in the MarginsAirforce Amazons, Limbic Nutrition (sorry Jonathan, I really should have linked you long), and Max Dunbar. Except for Limbic Nutrition which is written mostly in Serbia, all the other blogs are from Britain, a country that I have never visited. I think that gives the measure of how much reading blogs can help us expand our perspective. Thanks to my decision to start blogging in English instead of using my own mother tonghe Portuguese, I have been able to connect myself to people that I would have reached had I kept blogging only in Portuguese. I’m glad also to realize that I have readers who are interested in whatever I may write about my own country, and I have been pushing other portugues eblogges to start writing in English too. Up to now, I have only managed to convince Jelena Markovic, who created my sister blog Invisible Sights. For her too, as for me, the blog is helping her a lot to reach people abroad and getting attention to her work.

I have always loved to read, and I always love to give books I liked to read, especially when they are cheap. Sometimes when I go to the supermarket I look at the promotions, and among the many books who shouldn’t ever have been published because they aren’t more than environmental crimes (all the threes wasted to print them…) I find there true pearls. I think I have already given about 10 exemplars of Aleksandar Hemon The Question of Bruno (only 3 euros in the supermarket), and about the same number of Danilo Kis The Enciclopedia of the Dead (only 4 euros, sometimes 5, depending on where I buy them). I always take care to know if the recepients deserve such treasures, I don’t give them to everyone. I’m sentimental, what can I do?

So, of all the blogs I’m linking today, if I had to reccomend only one, it would be Max Dunbar. He is a writer and I’m his fan. Thanks to his blog, I also got to read the poems of Rachel Fox, whose site I linked some time ago. His blogroll also includes an excellent list of blogs and sites with good stuff for people who like to read.


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The Atlantic

dsc_0152I have been a bit lazy latelly and when bloggers are lazy they either post poems or photos, so, here’s a photo, taken by me yesterday around 16h. Anyway, with all this fuzz with the US elections, I didn’t feel much motivated to write, but I hope to be back soon…


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