The Atlantic

dsc_0152I have been a bit lazy latelly and when bloggers are lazy they either post poems or photos, so, here’s a photo, taken by me yesterday around 16h. Anyway, with all this fuzz with the US elections, I didn’t feel much motivated to write, but I hope to be back soon…



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5 responses to “The Atlantic

  1. Wonderful (and “poetic”) photo! ;o)

    (Como é bonito, este lado do Atlântico…)

  2. Great picture. You can nearly see the other side!

  3. Owen

    Glorious! Onde?

  4. Sarah Franco

    Ericeira where I am living now! It’s about 50 Km north of Lisbon.

  5. Wow! The photo you took is beautiful. 5 stars! I live it. 🙂