Genocide in Rwanda: Life in prison for masterminders

Here’s the Press Release from the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda:

“”””Trial Chamber I today rendered judgement in the “Military I” case involving four senior officers of the Rwandan army in 1994: Colonel Théoneste Bagosora, Director of Cabinet in the Rwandan Ministry of Defence; General Gratien Kabiligi, head of the military operations bureau (G-3) of the army general staff; Major Aloys Ntabakuze, commander of the Para Commando Battalion; and Colonel Anatole Nsengiyumva, commander of the Operational Sector of Gisenyi.

It sentenced Bagosora, Ntabakuze and Nsengiyumva to life imprisonment for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes based on their role in crimes committed in Rwanda. The Chamber acquitted Kabiligi of all charges against him and ordered his release. It also acquitted each of the Accused of conspiring to commit genocide before 7 April 1994.

The Chamber found that, in the first days after the death of President Habyarimana on 6 April 1994, Bagosora was the highest authority in the Rwandan Ministry of Defence with authority over the Rwandan military. He was considered responsible for the killing, on 7 April, of Prime Minister Agathe Uwilingiyimana, Joseph Kavaruganda, the President of the Constitutional Court, as well as Frédéric Nzamurambaho, Landoald Ndasingwa and Faustin Rucogoza, who were opposition party officials and government ministers. He was found guilty in connection with the killing of ten Belgian peacekeepers who were killed by soldiers at Camp Kigali on 7 April. Bagosora was also responsible for the organised killings perpetrated by soldiers and militiamen at a number of sites throughout Kigali and Gisenyi between 6 and 9 April.

Ntabakuze was found guilty, as the commander of the elite Para Commando Battalion, for the participation of his soldiers in killings at Kabeza, Nyanza Hill and the L’Institut Africain et Mauricien de Statistiques et d’Economie (IAMSEA) in Kigali.

Nsengiyumva was considered responsible for massacres at Mudende University, Nyundo Parish as well as the targeted killing of civilians in Gisenyi prefecture, the area under his operational command. He was also guilty of sending militiamen to the Bisesero area of Kibuye prefecture to kill Tutsi refugees in June 1994″”””

The Prosecution alleged that Kabiligi participated in the distribution of weapons, meetings to plan the genocide as well as a number of specific crimes, many of which were related to roadblocks in the Kigali area. Kabiligi advanced a successful alibi for much of this time period. It was also not proven that he had operational authority or that he targeted civilians.



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5 responses to “Genocide in Rwanda: Life in prison for masterminders

  1. Owen

    Hopefully Bagosora’s conviction and sentencing will bring some comfort to the survivors and perhaps to Romeo Dallaire – -

  2. There is a better way to deal with that Devil. Set him on fire and let him burn slowly… let him burn for a month, very slowly, and let him suffer. That is exactly what that Beast in human form deserves.

  3. There is a day when the world will fully understand that what is going on in Arusha at ICTR is not a justice nor restorative justice but an ANTI HUTU MACHINERY designed to silence all hutus and protect British-American interest in DR Congo. Kagame shot down a plane of a popular president. this was an act of terrorism,but USA-UK made sure the world kept murm about Kagem has sent again Nkunda in pursuit of extermination of hutus wherever they are. the world still sees Kagem as a 1998 my family was burnt alive in Ruhengeri by the soldiers of Kagame,more than 250,000 residents of Ruhengeri and Gisenyi were buried alive in the caves of Musanze and Kabatwa but noone has ever taken initiative to claim jutice for this people, so who is going to restore reconciliation in the hearts of this hurting Rwandan generation?

  4. Sarah Franco

    I am sorry for your family. The genocide in Rwanda is an undeniable fact so these sentences are a step forward.