One year of blogging at Café Turco

This month my blog is completing one year since it was launched. Time for an assessment…p1230683

This is a small blog, in one year I had just a bit more than 15 thousand visits, and, although my audience has been steadily growing, it seldom goes above 100 visits a day. I really don’t mind that at all and to make that clear to anyone passing by I have left on my side bar the number of visits. It is the fact that this is a small blog that allows me to have comments without prior moderation. This gives me a particular pleasure, since I find the interaction of readers through comments very stimulating, and I am very glad that steadily my posts started receiving more comments, sometimes simple messages of people that liked what they read, sometimes more elaborated comments, most of them relevant. The cosy environment of this blog clearly made it unattractive to hate comments, because I don’t usually get those, but when I do I erase them because I don’t like trouble makers coming here and disrupting this nice environment.

The year that is now drawing to a closure was very intense and rewarding. I travelled a lot, worked a lot and met very interesting people. I tried to reflect that in the contents, by writing about different subjects, sharing my experiences and my perspective. I wish I had written more, but living things intensively has a side effect, stress, which sometimes makes it harder to focus, and the fact that I am not using my own native language, Portuguese also makes it harder to express myself, and I’d rather not post anything than to say dumb things or commonplaces. I guess this is rather common, most bloggers pass through this, and eventually this feeling goes away, inspiration returns and I really don’t think we should make our blogging an aditional source of stress, when we can avoid that (sometimes it’s unavoidable, especially when nasty people comes with their hatred and tries to defeat us through exhaustion, but in those cases, our sense of duty provides us with a resilience unknow to such people).

The best about blogging is that the absense of an editorial filter allows us to get in touch with people and ideas which wouldn’t be so easily accessible. Furthermore, the possibility to establish informal networks with other blogs very widely expands the impact of each of those blogs. The interaction thus created can be very rewarding and stimulating.

So, to conclude, I am very happy with my cosy blog and would like to thank my readers, regulars and passers-by, as well as the writers of the blogs that have linked me, in particular Marko Attila Hoare, from Greater Surbiton, who wrote a very nice post that helped boost my audiences, and Daniel from the Srebrenica Genocide Blog, whom I really admire for the way he is devoted to the cause of keeping alive the memory of the Srebrenica genocide.

Plans for the year that is about to start: lots of them, but mostly I hope to start writing more about my own country, Portugal, since it is so under represented in english language blogosphere.

Now, some posts that I think are good enough (well, at least the photos are good enough):

April 25th about the politics of memory, or rather the politics of oblivion of Portugal’s fascist past;

Srebrenica some impressions on my trip to Srebrenica last July;

Defending animals’ well being in Belgrade some impressions about a city where I feel particularly at home;

and Why Serbia? in case someone may be curious about…



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17 responses to “One year of blogging at Café Turco

  1. Marko Attila Hoare

    Cafe Turco’s anniversary, and yours as well ! Happy birthday to you both !

  2. Sarah Franco

    Oh, my best kept secret exposed 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Congratulations!!!
    Todos los que te leemos estamos de enhorabuena. ¡A por el segundo año!
    Besos y abrazos

  4. Sarah Franco


  5. JC

    Congratulations Sarah, your blog is more than excellent, and I am sure it will just keep getting better. Cheers.

  6. Owen

    Thanks for all the pleasure and interest. I’m sure it’s been hard work at times. You should never let yourself feel pressurised to post – I’m sure what you come up with in your own time will be well worth the wait.

  7. Sarah Franco

    Thank you, Owen, thank you, J.C.!

  8. Congratulations on your first year.

    I personally linked through Harry’s place.

    Although the subject matter is often very difficult, I really enjoy your blog. Here’s to another year!

  9. Congratulations! Actually, I think 100 visits a day is quite respectable – and I’m sure the number will grow. You’re doing important work, and the blog is a way of communicating it to the world.
    All best wishes for Year 2!

  10. Sarah Franco

    Thank you Monkey Man, thank you Martin…

  11. Sarah Franco

    Obrigada, Sabine!

  12. max

    Congratulations, sarah!!! 🙂

  13. Muitos parabéns e continua a repetir ambos os aniversários durante muitos anos. Aqui para nós não são os únicos acontecimentos dignos de registo nessa data dentro de um circulo de proximidade. Outro acontecimento protagonizado por uma velhinha adorável e persistente camping globe trotter vem-se repetindo desde 1930…

  14. Hey, I haven’t forgotten you. Congratulations on your first blogging anniversary! One person can make a difference, and you’re making a positive difference. Healthy opinion and debates are refreshing, and I congratulate you for being a wonderful human being!

  15. Sarah–a belated congratulations on the 1st anniversary of Cafe Turco and a belated Happy Birthday to you as well!

    I have quite enjoyed your blog so far, and look forward to another great year.

  16. Sarah Franco

    Thank you, Daniel and Kirk!!!

    I’ve been a bit lazy on the blog lately, but I hope to get back at it soon! I’m very glad to have you as readers, it’s very stimulating for me!