Congratulations to Kosovo on the first anniversary of its Independence !

sarah-1166One year ago, I had the chance to be present for the big party launched to celebrate de Declaration of Independence of Kosova! It was a great party that revealed above all a sense of relief that a day for which the people had waited for so long had

finally come. I am very glad I was there and witnessed such a happy event. From all the countries that I’ve visited, Kosova is the one that brings me warmest memories, because never elsewhere have I found a friendliest people.


One year later, I’m also very glad to see that none of the grim predictions about the consequences of the Independence materialized. State building is not an easy process, even less at a moment when the World is facing an economic crisis whose proportions are yet not clear, and many challenges lie ahead, but struggling to overcome huge obstacles is something the albanians know all about. (I’ll write another post about this, hopefully).

I’m posting two photos from my collection of children from Kosova. I’m very grateful for the generosity with which albanian parents allowed me to take their children’s photos. The pride they take on their children is simply moving.



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14 responses to “Congratulations to Kosovo on the first anniversary of its Independence !

  1. Owen

    Determined-looking young lady with the flag – the country will go far!

  2. I would like to congratulate Kosovar people on their independence from Serbia and I would also like to encourage (so called) “Muslim” countries to recognize Kosovo immediately. To this date, most of Muslim countries refused to recognize Kosovo. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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  4. Great pictures. There is so much to do, I too am glad that none of the grim predictions came true.

  5. Sarah Franco

    James, thank you for your comment, I’ve just added your site to my blogroll, and I wish you a safe flight!

    Daniel, you are right, but the fact that islamic countries are reluctant to recognize it only exposes the non-existence of a real link of solidarity through shared religious values.

    Almost all of the countries where democracy and human rights are most developed have recognized Kosova.

  6. Emm

    This is a great blog! I look forward to reading more.

  7. Sarah Franco

    Thank you, Emm, you are more than welcome, as it happens that I share with you a passion to understand.

  8. While I do share your enthusiasm for the independence of Kosova I think it might be too soon to tell what the consequences will be for both the region and European politics. In any event these people, who have fought so much for independence, deserve our admiration and applause!

  9. Sarah Franco

    Obrigada, Pedro.

    Change always carries risks, but I really think we should get rid of the conservative mentality that prefer to keep the statu quo because of fears over the future. The future isn’t written and the negative consequences can be dealt with. Although I am aware of the difficult conditions that mark everyday life in Kosova, such as shortages in electricity, etc, etc, I sometimes envy my friends because, unlike us, they do feel they are building sometinng new, while in Portugal we are paralysed by this feeling of endless decay that you so well describe in your blog.

  10. Daniel


    Just to update all of you that our campaign against Srebrenica Genocide participant and a fugitive criminal, Nedjo Ikonic, has been successful.

    He was convicted and sent to prison for lying, and he will likely be deported to face genocide charges in Bosnia after he serves his sentence in the United States. See more info at Srebrenica Genocide Blog. Thank you all one more time.

  11. Sarah Franco

    Thank you Daniel.

    Another comment by a certain PN was erased because it was poisonous and I don’t like poisonous stuff in my blog.

  12. My apologies for not posting here in a more timely manner.

    A belated ‘Happy Anniversary’ to Kosova and its people. I think Sarah’s point that the countries which have recognized this independence are countries which share a belief in liberal, secular democracy is right on.

  13. bganon

    Not that I want to rain on anybody’s parade but lets not forget that the celebration of Kosovo independence is an Albanian only affair.
    Away from the flag waving in the centre of Pristina there are plenty of people who are very afraid of the future.

  14. jorge Manuel

    Je me sens content avec la independence du Kosovo.Grosses Felicitations.