Time Out

My regular readers are probably by now asking whether I forgot the password to my blog, or something like that. I have spent some time travelling and was also busy taking care of things that took most of my time and mental space, and because of that the blog has been a bit (a lot) neglected during this month.

The good thing about blogging is that there are no commitments, we write what we want when we want to, however, after a while, when we having a regular audience and people commenting, we realize the blog is not exclusively ours and we feel we need to correspond to the readers’ expectations. For a long time before I had my own blog I was commenting regularly on other people’s blogs, so I like that feeling of my blog not being totally mine anymore, but rather a space where some people feel comfortable coming to.

That works as a stimulus to write better, but sometimes it can become also perceived as a pressure to write more or to keep a regular pace. Usually I tend to write long texts, and it’s very rewarding to realize that some of the visitors actually read them all, instead of just skimming through. Time is limited for everyone and nowadays with so much information available most people lost the habit of spending more than just a few seconds in a text. Being myself a slow reader (and a slow writer), I appreciate it particularly that people come and read my posts, so I think it’s better not to write anything than to publish texts that would represent for the readers a waste of time and for me a source of embarrassment.

I intend to come back and start blogging regularly again soon, hopefully with renewed inspiration.



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13 responses to “Time Out

  1. Owen

    Take your time, just give us a wave from time to time!

  2. max

    we’ll be waiting 🙂

  3. Sarah Franco

    Thanks, Owen and Max!

  4. sabine

    Well’come back! 😉

  5. Good to hear from you again! Take your time, no pressure, write when you’re ready. I’m in that mode myself lately.

  6. Sarah Franco

    Thanks, Sabine and Kirk. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later…

  7. how about some stuff on Portugal or your travels?

    your readers are ever eager to hear more….

  8. bloggingbalkanistan

    Thanks for the update. I often go through long periods of writers bloc, which is incredibly frusterating. For me, I’m so focused on trying to write a “good” post that it comes out (at least in my mind) as being forced, stilted and discombobulated.
    Sometimes you just need a break. 🙂 You’re a natural writer, and I’m looking forward to reading your next post whenever you get the chance. I second the request for posts on your travels, or whatever you want to write about.

  9. shaina

    Where did you go on your travels?

  10. shaina

    ETA: I’m also the poster “blogging balkanistan” , but you probably already figured that out.

  11. sackcloth and ashes

    Just blog when you have the time, Sarah. Speaking personally, I have the time to read your output whenever it appears.

    Pob Hwyl

  12. Sarah, we miss you!

    please post a new article, soooon 🙂


  13. Daniel (Srebrenica Genocide Blog)

    Sarah, please raise awareness about the latest scandal. The U.N. Tribunal (ICTY) is destroying evidence of Srebrenica Genocide,


    It’s been confirmed.