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CHECHNYA: another humanitarian worker abducted and killed

Zarema Sadulayeva, an activist of the humanitarian NGO  Save the Generation, which works with chechen children victims of the war, and her husband Umar Dzhabrailov were found dead today, after having been abducted yesterday from the office of the NGO.

Human Rights Watch describes the NGO  Let’s save the generation in these terms:

“””Save the Generation is a nongovernmental organization in Chechnya founded in 2001 that provides psychological and physical rehabilitation to disabled children, orphans, and other socially vulnerable groups. The group also works closely with UNICEF, among other groups, to provide training about landmines, and promotes protection of the rights of the disabled.“””

Update: Owen posted on the comments a press release from the swiss-based Society for Threatened Peoples that is worth reading.


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