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Montenegro celebrates two years as an Independent country.

My congratulations to my Montenegrin friends!

I am now remembering how so many wrote that the independence of Montenegro would be a disgrace, etc, etc, etc. I don’t understand this widespread despise against non-serbs in my country. Some days ago, I listened to a conversation between two students of slovenian language, and they were talking about how the slovenes are nasty people, unpleasant, arrogant. I asked them “have you ever been in Slovenia?” “No”, they told me. It turned out that the only person of slovenian nationality the knew was their teacher. They are learning slovenian for free, because the Slovenian government is sponsoring the course. People say whatever about things they don’t make the slightest effort to understand with an easiness that never ceases to surprise me.

But it is great when the prophets of disgrace are proven wrong!

(The way these women from the old part of Podgorica received me, inviting me to enter their garden, allowing me to take their picture, and even offering me a piece of cake and lemon juice is one of the reasons why I am Balkan-addicted).

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