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Russians against russian imperialism: a protest against the war in Georgia.

From Russia, I have received an email with these photos of a protest against the Russian aggression on Georgia. It was organized a few days after the beginning of the war .

I am publishing them today, with an excerpt of the email:

“I think that if we (I mean we in Russia and you in Europe) had stopped  the war in Chechnya and punished the war criminal there wouldn’t have been this war.”

Their slogans were:

“Don’t believe in the justice of war”

“War not in my name”

“Yesterday Chechnya, today Georgia, tomorrow…?”

I have always admired people who are not afraid of standing alone for what they think is right.

I believe that, in the end, Russian nationalism and Putin imperialistic ambitions are self-defeating, but still, until then, what much more damage can we expect?


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