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Split was the perfect place to get some rest after a very busy week in Belgrade. I was supposed to stay there just one day, I liked it s much that I stayed three days, and would have stayed more if it wasn’t for the fact that I had things to do in Belgrade. Still, three days were enough to give me a nice sun tan, and sun tan is essential for my personal identity.

…I am too lazy to keep writing and I prefer not to write than writing just for the sake of writing because words are to precious to be wasted, so here are some photos that I took there.

Early in the morning, not long after my bus arrived from Belgrade. I usually prefer to travel during the day to see the views and talk to normal people, but it happens that this time I made so many kilometres that I had to use the nights to travel, otherwise, I would have lost four days…Sleeping on the bus is not exactly my ideal of comfort, but arriving at dawn is very pleasant, because it allows me to observe the cities as they wake up.

In Dalmatia we can still eat ‘jaquinzinhos’. Giving up small fish was the price that we Portuguese had to pay for EU assession. A heavy price for our national identity it was. I just love small fried fish, although I understand that fisheries must be sustainable.

Split is definitivelly a place where I know I shall return. As much as I love the portuguese coast, the Adriatic does have its charm, and it also provides a very nice sun tan!


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