Serb hero in a new poster!

I saw the new version of the classic poster on the website of the Serbian NGO Youth Iniciative for Human Rights, and I couldn’t resist ‘stealing it’.

I love this kind of ideas.

I advise those who liked the poster to go to their site and click on the image…


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12 responses to “Serb hero in a new poster!

  1. Owen

    I recognise that picture – it’s “The Stag at Bay”. But what’s happened to the noble horns?

  2. sarahfranco

    credible sources informed me that they were cut by mistake along with his long new-age style hair 🙂

  3. ruben2008

    You’re funny sarahfranco.

  4. Owen

    And what has happened to the beard and top-knot? Gone for Chinese aphrodisiacs as well?

    I have to say I still find the transformation bizarre even after his coiffure hollandaise, though when he starts talking it’s still the old Karadzic.

  5. sackcloth and ashes

    I’m trying to figure out what the slogan at the top refers to. The Russian word for ‘evil’ is ‘Zloi’ (which is appropriate in Karadzic’s case), it it the same in Serbo-Croat?

  6. sarahfranco

    yes, that’s close to it.

    zlo means evil,

    ratni zločinac means war criminal.

    but to understand the poster you must know the original one, here:

    instead of zlocinac, it says srbin.

    here’s a photo of an idiot with a tshirt of his serb heroes…

  7. what does it mean exactly?

  8. sarahfranco

    it is inspired in a poster that serb nationalists love to glue all around, with the faces of karadzic or mladic and the word srbin, with the s and the r in latin letters and the rest in cyrilic letters.

    so, it is a very intelligent way for non-nationalist serbs to reject the idea that these two persons are heroes.

    similarly, a new slogan saying I AM THE HEART OF SERBIA was created to oppose the nationalist slogan that states that Kosovo is the heart of Serbia.

    it means the rejection of the ethnic model of nation and the embrace of a civic concept.

    if you go to the YIHR site, and click on the photo, you will be opening the ICTY site on the page dedicated to karadzic.

  9. Zoltan

    If you were well informed you would know the name Kosovo comes from the Serb word “Kos” which is a small black bird. The name “Kosovo” means “Belonging to Kos”

    When foolish Albanians decide to change one letter into “Kosova” the meaning in Serbian remains the same, but grammatically improper

    Some go as far as to call people from Kosovo “ethnic Kosovars”, which is funny enough to have me laughing all through dinner. The people in Kosovo are either Roma, Serbian, or Albanian.

    Also your “democratically separated” position is ludicrous. If more then 50% of people on your street decided to give your car to someone else, would that be legal? Learn international law, girl.

    But lets assume for a minute that the separation was legal, for it to be recognized a country under international law, more then 50% of UN member states must recognize it, and the security council must not veto it.

    Kosovo is about halfway there, and as long as China or Russia don’t veto the statehood of Kosovo, it will become a country.

    Now i want you to go on the internet and research the countries that have recognized the separation of Kosovo. Notice anything similar? Most of those countries have had pressure placed on them by NATO in order to make that “choice”.

    Who has the biggest military base in Kosovo?

    So why are you on the side of a corrupt Albanian Kosovo? Democracy can’t be it, no vote was held in Kosovo for the decision of separation, it was decided by the Albanian led parliament. So why do you support it? Freedom and Justice cannot be it, because this move will place the non-Albanian population in Kosovo deeper into the ghettos which they even now must frequent.

    My only conclusion is that you are either misinformed or Albanian.

    And we will see how “nurturing freedom of expression” works in your little world. I have tolerated your existence and your opinions, and I have not attacked it, merely pointed out the flaws.

  10. Sarah Franco

    this is really the best post to publish such comment, zoltan.

    I didnt erase it because it stopped short of hate speach. you merely cqlled me ignorant and stupid. that is arrogant of you, but not offensive.

    besides, your comment ilustrates perfectly the kind of mindset that I am fighting.

    and it is obvious that I am not the one who most needs to learn international law.

    about this:

    “”My only conclusion is that you are either misinformed or Albanian.””

    then I am Albanian.

  11. Mark Thompson

    Well put Zoltan. I really appreciated your argument because unlike relying on ignorant ‘devil’ jokes and narrow-minded comments of the users above, you had solid examples and knowledge about the background of what you are speaking about. It should be questioned why the U.K and U.S are the only nations protected from having to appear at the ‘International’ court at the Hague and why former president Bill Clinton, former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, Richard Holbrooke or anyone else in the U.S administration have not yet been charged with war crimes? Some of their more prominent mistakes include bombing TV stations, hospitals, homes and even a cruise missile demolition in Sudan of what they thought to be a weapons storage facility…. it was in fact a pharmaceuticals factory. It seems that the U.S is fortunate enough to be protected by the shroud of ‘collateral damage’, which excuses them for any perceived wrongdoings. On behalf of a growing number of Australian supporters of the Serbian cause and fed up with American involvement in all foreign affairs, well done Zoltan! 🙂 And to Sarah Franco and the rest of the people on this page who purport to be taking this issue so seriously, perhaps joking about it isn’t the most effective way of conveying that. Look further into the issue you’re attempting to discuss and as names like Hasim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj pop-up, you just might find this topic’s not so black and white.